The year is coming to an end and automatically you start reminiscing about it. It´s time to relive some moments in your head. The things that have mattered. The moments of love, joy, sadness and sorrow. Your friends, brothers, sisters and loved ones. Your achievements and losses. Take time to take all the bad as well as the good from the past year. Grow even stronger and focus on the time you got back up on the horse rather than the time you fell off it. No doubt I´m looking forward to the new year. Think off all the things we can do, and when the time comes: I wish you the happiest of new years.

Wearing 3.1 Philip Lim top and leather jacket, GANT turtleneck and J. Crew pants.


Private pictures.




I´ve been asked to test out a couple of shavers before, but since I haven´t exactly got the best full beard onboard and my skin is really sensitive, I´ve decided to let it pass. Until now that is. Philips has launched their new Shaver, Philips Series 7000, especially for men with sensitive skin. The circle design minimizes the friction to the skin and there is a whole lot of other technical ding-dangs to the design that make this machine fit for a guy like me. After reading the press release I thought, “why not.” I´ve used the shaver on a regular basis for a couple of weeks now and I must say it really does what it says in the description. You know, honestly I´m not that good at the whole beard thing, but I do know one thing: Sensitive and easily irritated skin. The shave is really close and quick (much appreciated, that last note.) and you can chose either to take a quick dry-shave or a gentler shave in the shower or with gel/foam. Also the shaver comes with a precision trimmer for fast trimming of mustache and sideburns together with a deep cleansing face brush. I´m not going to go on and on about the product, but I must say that I would never recommend a product that I didn´t really like. (I would return it to the sender together with a comment saying, “no comment”.)

Would you like to try the Philips Shaver Series 7000 for yourself? Well maybe it´s your lucky day. Philips has given me one to give to one of my readers. All you have to do is leave a comment below on why you should get the shaver and I´ll randomly select a winner in a couple of days. And girls, this could be the perfect x-mas gift for your man, dad or friend. I´ll do my best to make sure you receive it in time for Christmas. Good luck!

I´m no longer the guy showing up to a party with red spots on my chin and neck. So, thank you Philips.


I use the cleasing face brush together with the ultracalming cleanser from Dermalogica.

Private images. Shaver is a gift from Philips and retails at about USD 200.


Santa baby, please bring me these sneakers by the anticipated collab of PUMA and Trapstar London! It´s even got bits and pieces of December on ´em. The snowy soles. Ho ho ho. Yes please!

PUMA x Trapstar DISC sneakers.


Pictures via TrapstarLondon.



Above: Calvin Klein trunks (here),  Bed Head molding paste (here), Marshall headset (here).


A few of the things I never seem to get enough of is quality accessories and shoes  (and for some reason, jackets). I lose at least 3 scarves and one pair of gloves each winter season and my beloved Dr. Martens are screaming to be replaced. With a new pair of black Dr. Martens that is, obviously. (BTW, am I the only one loving these during the winter? They are frickin´awesome AND warm!) Note to self: buy new.. Anyway, today I´ve been scrolling through the pages of the Norwegian webshop,, trying to put together a litle Christmas wishlist. Here are a few of my favorite items which I wouldn´t mind finding under the Christmas Tree. And yes, I guess these are also a tip if you´re looking for inspiration for a holiday gift for your man. It´s never a bad idea getting him a crisp pair of underwear and something to make him look handsome during the holidays. How about a new tie or a blingy but elegant watch for New Years?

Oh, one last thing. Did I mention you´ll get 15% off your first order at

Above: Tiger of Sweden suspenters (here). I´d wear them with a black bowtie December 31st.


Above: WeSC gloves (here), Ingersoll timepiece (here).


Above: Tiger of Sweden slim silk tie (here), BLK DNM leather shirt (here).


Above: Dr Martens 1461 black shoes (here).


Above: BLK DNM skinny jeans (here), Morris leather belt (here).

Pictures via Stayhard. Edited by me.




Good news! Winter called. She wanted me to know she´s going to be a bit late. I couldn´t be happier. Especially now, two glasses of wine into this Saturday, I couldn´t ask for a better day. Enjoy yours.

Wearing Balenciaga jacket, J.Crew trousers, Arnie Says knit, Louis Vuitton bag & necklace and Dr.Martens.


Private pictures.



I´ve still got my 60x roses from last weekends get-together and loving how they just seam to last and last. This rose-type actually remind me of the roses from programs including the line “ you accept this rose?” Haha. I guess I said “yes!” Wishing you the best of weekends.

Private picture.