The things I always bring with me in my bag is my wallet, keys and cell (just like everybody else..). To add is my new oreganizer stuff from the Norwegian brand BIEK, including cellphone sleeve, document leather sleeve and a handy notebook. When I leave home without my sunnies I get crazy, so that´s a must.. And as often as possible i bring my Canon SLR camera or this litle pink handy one. Ready for just about everything! Almost that is .. in the summer I try to always keep a bag with a swimtrunk and a towel in my car. Just in case the sun is out when I´m off work.
BTW: Did you know that the Norwegian Costitution was written on BIEK paper? Suppose I should write down something special, huh?




// Costume National tote bag / BIEK notebook, iPhone- & document sleeve / YSL wallet / ACNE sunnies / Marc Jacobs keychain / Canon IXUS 240-HS //

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