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I´ve been out and about traveling and lacking inspiration so a little trip to Milan a couple of weeks ago was totes amaze and right up my alley! With it´s 70´s-ish buildings combined with the old beautiful architecture it´s a city I would describe as.. Well, different. But don´t get me wrong. I liked it. I just regret not going to Rome.

BTW: If going to, Milan Galleria Vittorio Emanuele (one of the oldest shopping centers in the world) is a MUST-SEE. Truly amazing.

// H&M shirt / NeverDemin jeans / Rokin shoes / Vintage belt / Acne shoes //

4 thoughts on “MILANO

  1. ernst kok says:

    no, just going to enjoy the city, pay hommage on a pilgrimage visit to the Prada flagship store, hang out at the Trussardi and Armani cafe’s, check out if they still have some SS13 pieces and/or already have AW13 stuff at Jil Sander, and trying not to go broke when popping by the Bottega Veneta stores. Otherwise drooling over the male models and hoping for a miracle and getting a 1st row invite to the Bottega Veneta show (though I would not mind Jil Sander and Prada as well) 🙂

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