I had a litle chat with a friend the other day about the fact that when it starts getting colder we start dressing in darker colors. Isn´t this a bit backwords? It´s a bit logic that as it gets darker we should wear more colors to brighten up the day. I´m not stating that this outfit is neither nor full of color .. It´s the color of the plant in the background that I love.
I´d like some more color in my life so I try to collect items with a bit of color. The latest purchase is a yellow computerbag/clutch from Basia. Good start, if I may say so myself.

Bohoo, after seeing the quality of theese pictures that Marianne aka. The Styledevil took of me, I realize that I´m in desperate need of at least a new lens for my camera. Christmas is a bit far away, isn´t it? What to do?

// Basia bag / H&M tee & belt / Cheap Monday jeans / Comme des Garcons x Dr Martens shoes //

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