Back in Oslo where “..it´s raaaaining again.”
Well well, it´s been a nice day anyway; walking around in the town center, going to a meeting and visiting showrooms. It´s always nice to leave town for a couple of days but the best thing is when you return. Oslo, you should know that I love you.

// Damir Doma vest / WEEKDAY tank & socks / Vintage cross-necklace / Cheap Monday jeans / Reebok trainers //

6 thoughts on “RAINY DAY

      • Olive says:

        Thanks for your reply Fredrik! Actually I am asking about the 3 lines on your arm!
        I want to tattoo something like that in future too 🙂

      • Fredrik de Lange says:

        Haha, Sorry. Noticed now that it`s only that tattoo thats showing in the pictures!
        Well, they don`t have any specific meaning either. Just something simple and graphic – that`s what I like about it. (the three lines:) )

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